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What is the Meaning Behind the Hyundai Logo?

The Hyundai logo is instantly recognizable with its flowing curves and modern design, but have you ever wondered why it was chosen? You might be surprised by just how meaning is packed into every last line! Find out more about the Hyundai meaning and history with South Point Hyundai, and stop by our dealership to see our inventory up close.



What is the “Hyundai” Meaning?

To start, let’s dive into the meaning of Hyundai itself. The Korean word “Hyundai” translates into the English word for “Modernity.” This name was chosen way back in 1947, when the brand was gaining popularity as a construction company. Over time, Hyundai morphed into the Hyundai Motor Company. And eventually, the Hyundai Motor Company became an international sensation – from Seoul all the way to Kyle. The current slogan of “New Thinking, New Possibilities” also aligns with the forward thinking philosophy of the Hyundai brand.

How Do You Pronounce “Hyundai”?

You know the Hyundai meaning, but do you know how to say the word? There’s a good chance that you’ve heard at least a few different interpretations over the years. In the United States, many people pronounce “Hyundai” as though it rhymes with “Sunday”. However, some pronounce it as “high-UN-dye” as well. If you want to pronounce it properly, it sounds more like “hyun-day” with the Y pronounced clearly.

What Does the Hyundai Logo Mean?

If you’ve looked at any Hyundai vehicles lately, you’ll notice that the logo looks like a slanted ‘H’. But the details reveal a lot about the brand. The letter H leans right, which suggests movement into the future, but that’s just the beginning:

  • The logo loosely resembles two silhouettes shaking hands.
  • This is a nod to Hyundai’s commitment to customer service and teamwork.
  • It also represents a salesperson reaching a deal with a customer.
  • The oval shape symbolizes the globe and how Hyundai has expanded to car lovers throughout the world.

Find Out More with South Point Hyundai

You’ve learned all about the Hyundai meaning, now explore the brand up close at South Point Hyundai. If you’re in the Round Rock or Cedar Park area, you’ll find our showroom in Austin – just ready for your test drive. Contact us to get started or shop online at your convenience!

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