What's the Difference Between the New and Used Hyundai Santa Fe? Our Experts Explain

When you shop at South Point Hyundai, you have the choice of buying either a new or used Hyundai Santa Fe. Both options have a lengthy list of benefits, so you might be wondering what makes these models different. Well, our experts are here to answer that question for you! We compared changes between the two so that shoppers like you can make an informed decision.

New Hyundai Santa Fe VS Used Hyundai Santa Fe

The latest product on the market is the new 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe. One glance, and you will see a notable difference because it has been dramatically down-sized. This model is now limited with five seats, which is stark in comparison to previous generations which included a seven-passenger trim. However, those who want a larger vehicle—preferably one that can accommodate an entire family—have the opportunity to purchase a new Hyundai Elantra XL later in the year which will retain bigger dimensions. Meanwhile, our used Hyundai Santa Fe lineup still encompasses small and large styles.

In addition to this change in size, the fourth-generation Hyundai Santa Fe sees upgrades to technology. This is especially true in the safety category. With more features built-in as a standard even on the most basic level, drivers can anticipate a safer commute. Examples of such technologies include smart cruise control which uses stop/start mechanics, a driver-attention monitor that observes the driving input, and Safe Exit Assist which acts as a second set of eyes out back so you can reverse out of parking spots and driveways more cautiously.

Of course, these advancements make the newer model a desirable choice, but do keep in mind that the price is reflective of this fact. Because of its increased value, it costs significantly more to buy a Hyundai Santa Fe brand-new. In turn, the pre-owned Hyundai Santa Fe—which makes an equally attractive case with its own set of features—is more affordable. Ultimately, it comes down to your preferences.

Test Drive New and Used Hyundai Santa Fe Models to Choose Your Favorite

Though they have their differences, we believe the new and used Hyundai Santa Fe is sure to appeal to customers of our Hyundai dealership in Austin. So, if you want to compare them personally before you make your decision, then we hope to see you soon for a test drive. Contact us to get more information today.